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History & Birth of Coconut

Friends, in this post, we are sharing the legend of the birth of coconut. Here the story is related to the majestic king Satyavrat.

Coconut has special significance in Hinduism. Coconut is broken at the beginning of worship-rituals and every auspicious and auspicious work. This practice has been going on for years.

How was coconut born?

Do you know that there is a very interesting story behind the birth of coconut. It is associated with sage Vishwamitra. let’s know it

The story of the birth of coconut is related to the majestic king Satyavrat as well. The supernatural beauty of heaven always attracted King Satyavrat, who had unwavering faith in God. For years, the desire to go from earth to heaven was buried in his heart. But due to lack of knowledge they were not able to translate it into reality.

Once there was a severe drought in the kingdom of King Satyavrat. In this situation, the king helped his subjects a lot with money and food.

The family of sage Vishwamitra was also included among those who received the help of the king, who was wandering hungry and thirsty after Vishwamitra had gone to the forest for penance.

When Vishwamitra came back from penance, his wife, while praising King Satyavrat, told him how King Satyavrat helped his family in the difficult circumstances that arose in his absence.

Hearing this, sage Vishwamitra reached the court of King Satyavrat to express his gratitude. King Satyavrat welcomed and honored him and asked the reason for his arrival.

Sage Vishwamitra expressed his gratitude to the king for the help of his family and asked him to ask for a boon.

King Satyavrat, describing the desire to go to heaven buried in his heart, requested the sage Vishwamitra that if he has to give a boon, then as a boon, tell him the way to heaven.

Giving a boon to the king, Vishwamitra, with his brilliance and power, created a path that went straight to heaven. Satyavrat reached the gate of heaven by that path.

But as soon as he entered the heaven, Devraj Indra pushed him. Satyavrat fell on the earth. When he described the audacity of Devraj Indra to Vishwamitra, he became very angry and reached the gods.

The deities used to respect Vishwamitra a lot, but they were not ready to allow any human to enter heaven. Eventually a solution to this problem was found.

Sage Vishwamitra built a secondary heaven between Prithviloka and Swargaloka, which was for King Satyavrat. The gods had no objection to this. King Satyavrat was also pleased.

But sage Vishwamitra was worried about the new heaven. He was afraid that the heavenly world created by him should be shaken by the gust of strong wind. In such a situation, King Satyavrat will again fall on the earth.

Resolving this problem, he built a strong pillar from the earth to the new heaven to support the new heaven.

It is believed that the trunk of this pillar later turned into a tree and the head of King Satyavrat became its fruit. This tree is considered to be the coconut tree and the head of the king is considered to be the fruit of ‘coconut’.

This is the reason that coconut trees are very tall and their fruits are planted at a very high height.

According to the legend, King Satyavrat was given the title ‘ना इधर का का ना उधर का’ due to being hanging between the earth and heaven. This was the interesting story of the birth of coconut.

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