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What is 1K and 1M means

Friends, we all see 1k, 10k or 1M written on Social Media Platform or YouTube, but we do not know 1k Means, that’s why today in this post I will tell you about both 1k Meaning and 1M Meaning in Here.

On every social media you have seen views and followers in the form of1k and 1m.

Just as we like to do most of the work in our life by shortcut method, in the same way shortcut words like 1k and 1M are used on all social media networking sites.

Understand 1k and 1m means

All of you want to know the meaning of K symbol, but if you look on any social media sites or on YouTube, you will never see Single K written, here you will see 1k 10k or 100k written.

Because on social media K means numbers of Maths, on social media or YouTube, K means Kg means ‘Kilo’. In which there are total 1000 units, due to which 1k means 1kg (kg) means 1000 units.

If you see 1k written on Facebook, YouTube or any other platform, then it means 1000, 1 thousand is written as 1k in the shortcut.

Means 1K, 10K or 100K

1K means 1000
10K means 10,000
100K means 100,000

1M Meaning in Hindi

You all must know the meaning of 1M because this word is mathematical which is also used in counting.

M means Million.

Million This word is a unit which means one million (100,0000).

You all must have seen 1M views on most YouTube or Facebook videos and 1M means 100,0000.

1M means 10 lakhs
10M means 1 crore
100M means 10 crore

What is the value of 1K and 1M on YouTube?

Friends, the value of 1M and 1K is the same on YouTube and all social media like – Facebook Twitter Instagram and YouTube or any other social media also has the same value.

You have been told in detail above about 1K Means and 1M Means. Now I will explain to you by explaining what is the value of 1K and 1M.

1K = 1000 Likes, Comment, Followers

1M = 100,0000 Likes, Comment, Followers

Friends, now you must have understood what is 1K Means and 1M Means and if you have any question related to this post, then you can ask by commenting and if you like this post then definitely share it with your friends.



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